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(Sopharma) Ephedrine 50

(Sopharma) Ephedrine 50

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(Sopharma) Tamoxifen 10mg

(Sopharma) Tamoxifen 10mg


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In the spring of 1933, in the suburbs of Sofia, the beginning of Bulgarian pharmaceutical manufacture was initiated with the building of the first manufacturing laboratory for pharmaceuticals. This was also the beginning of Sopharma. Sopharma AD is a Bulgarian pharmaceutical producer and exporter with strong regional presence. The product portfolio of the company consists of more than 200 products. The company produces and markets medicinal substances and dosage forms; conducts research, engineering and implementation activities in the field of phytochemistry, chemistry and pharmaceuticals. Sopharma AD provides services related to production, as well as to ancillary and service activities. Sopharma Group (Bulgaria) is an integrated business focused in the health care sector including three main business lines: Manufacturing of pharmaceutical products. Non – pharma activities. Distribution of health related products.